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I am a Fitness Coach helping you achieve your goals through running coaching, personal training and results-based bootcamp programs created to get your body back. I am committed to you achieving your goals, whether or not you are trying to find a healthier lifestyle or a faster race.

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Blog Hop!

My friend Danica nominated me to participate in a “blog hop.” I would answer a few questions and nominate two other bloggers to do the same. I have done things like this before, but this one was a bit different because it focuses on my writing rather than my running or fitness. What am I [...] [more]

A Summer to Remember

I took this summer off from blogging. It wasn’t planned. It just happened. This summer ended up being our busiest summer ever. It was busy in a good way. There were so many memories created!  I would like to write about some of our adventures as a family. We’ll see if I can catch up!! [...] [more]

Quad Rock 25 race report

I am still working through all the details of my awesome Boston Marathon experience. Until I can get that post done, I am sharing my most recent race experience, the Quad Rock 25 Trail Race. It was quite possibly the most difficult race I have ever done. The twenty-five mile trail race had over 5600 [...] [more]

The 2014 Boston Marathon–the short version

It took 52 miles and 8908 hours, but I finally got my Boston Marathon finish. The mood in Boston for the weekend of the 118th race was one of celebration and excitement–not fear. Smiles filled the streets. Security, as you would expect, was very tight, but no one seemed to mind. Streets, trains and the [...] [more]

One Week

In one week…. I will get up, excited, nervous and a little scared. I will get on a school bus and take that long ride from downtown Boston to Hopkinton. I will try to befriend runners on the bus. I will park myself near the porta potties and look for some friends to hang out [...] [more]