Keeping a Baby-friendly Crib

crib safety

Cribs are made for safety reasons; it keeps your child from going elsewhere while you doing something else. But what if that same thing that protects your child becomes unsafe? Most problems with faulty designed baby cribs is that children can get trapped between gaps of badly fitted railings and mattresses or get caught in low-hanging danglers. Positioners and blankets may also increase the risk of suffocation especially if the child starts to walk on all fours.


Product safety institutions that deal with child care devices and apparatus demands strict compliance to quality and safety standards from manufacturers. It’s one way of giving moms the assurance that they can rely on things they bought for their children, baby’s cribs in particular. There are some important points and potential hazards to keep in mind when choosing or structuring your baby’s crib.




First of all, the design. Drop-side cribs are very popular because it makes it so easy to adjust the railings for your growing baby. But this feature could also pose a risk, especially if those parts come loose and your baby gets stuck between them. Due to the alarming number of infant deaths caused by malfunctioning side railings, some authorities have already banned the sale and manufacture of drop-side cribs in some countries.


crib railIf you’re already using one, make sure your baby’s crib is still in good shape – and I mean really, really good shape. Test it several times for any signs of malfunction. If you can wiggle the side rails or it comes apart rather easily, you may choose to immobilize the rail completely or replace it altogether with a fixed-rail crib. The real danger with this crib design is when your mattress doesn’t fit tightly with the side railings and the baby slips between them.


Another important safety precaution is to keep any object that could entangle or strangle your child. Danglers are perfectly okay if your baby is still on its back or tummy most of the time. However, when he starts crawling or holding the rails for support, you’ll just have to remove the dangler away. If you’re using a wired baby monitor to keep an eye on your child, maintain a safe distance of about three feet or more (depending on camera resolution) from the baby.


Some objects in the crib that seem innocuous could actually hurt your baby. Stuff toys are really cute and lovely; we can’t afford not to give one to our baby who’s just as cute and adorable. But a plain, uncluttered crib is actually much safer for your baby. Same with pillows and positioners. Your baby is better off without them. Just make sure his mattress is neither too stiff or too fluffy to make sure he gets a good night sleep.


What about blankets? In my opinion, sleepers or sleep sacks are much safer. If you do use blankets, position your baby in such a way that he can’t move any further down, like the foot of the crib, to prevent suffocation when he gets underneath. Baby swings and playards are also baby products that needs to be secure at all time. This guide explains everything you need to know about baby swings.


You can always do something to make your crib a safer place for your little one. As a mom, I always believe in safety no matter what the cost.


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