Never Run Out of Milk Ever Again

breastfeeding mom

Breastfeeding mom


Have you had trouble breastfeeding lately? One of the most common problems of first time moms is giving enough milk to feed their precious little angel. And by that, I mean all-natural, honest-to-goodness breast milk.


It’s somewhat frustrating at times, especially if you’re completely clueless on how you can add some extra ounce, or if there’s really anything you can do about it. Ninety percent of the time, the answer to that question is ‘yes’. Mother nature always has a way to make things work for you. That is, if you know how it’s done – naturally. So let’s get into it.


Our bodies respond naturally after giving birth by producing copious amounts of milk in our breasts. It can get a little painful sometimes after being engorged with milk for quite some time. But if you’re one of those who think they need to have more, here’s what you can do about it.



1. Teach your baby how to latch properly. Babies need to get it right the first time to get the all important ‘pre-milk’ colostrum available within the first week of giving birth. Proper latching makes feeding more efficient and ensures that most of the milk is emptied.

Oftentimes we mistakenly think our breasts are drying up so quickly when in reality it’s the latching that needs to be fixed. Once you get it right, your baby can get more out of it and your breast responds by producing more milk to replace it.


2. Be generous and lenient with the feeding time. The more often you breastfeed, the more efficient your body becomes with milk production. It’s just the way nature works. Do not restrict yourself on what time you should breastfeed your baby.

Your baby knows better than any clock in the world when it comes to feeding time. For working moms who have to go to work every day, consider having a ‘nursing break’ where it’s just you and your baby the whole time. This would make it easier for you and your baby produce more milk, not to mention strengthen mother-child relationship.


3. Do physical stimulation to ‘trick’ your breasts. Sometimes your baby’s suckling action is not yet strong enough to encourage milk production or the latching position is incorrect. In this case, you can use a little help from our good old breast pump.

By simulating a breastfeeding session, your breasts experience a suckling sensation that stimulates milk production. As it gets more frequent, and more milk are extracted, your breasts will produce just the right amount for your baby regularly.



4. Consume galactagogues as part of your diet. If haven’t heard already, galactagogues are food or food substances that are known to stimulate milk production. These include dark leafy vegetables (especially spinach and moringa), papaya fruit, ginger, garlic, chickpeas, and spices like turmeric, anise, and cumin seeds. Some mothers swear by it and with good reasons.

Galactagogues are found to stimulate the brain to produce more prolactin, the pituitary hormone that activates and sustains lactation. You can search the Internet for more fruits, veggies, and herbs that are known for their galactagogue content.


So there you have it. I hope you found this post useful and informative as well. Good luck and have a wonderful breastfeeding experience!


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