Staying in Shape during Pregnancy

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Sitting on your butt the whole time is the worst thing that you can do while preparing for your big day. It’s not just bad for your health; you could also put yourself and your baby at risk, especially during D-day. Some of the problems with pregnant moms is that they tend to gain too much weight than is necessary.

Ideally, you should only gain a pound per week during the second and third trimesters (assuming you’ve started out in the normal range category before pregnancy). The farther you are from the midpoint, the more (or less) weight you need to gain per week.

There are many other factors to watch out, but before I get way off topic let’s get into the exercises and see how they could save you a lot of trouble along the way.

When doing these exercises, bear in mind to keep them within your limits. You shouldn’t be straining too much or make you feeling exhausted at the end of the session. Your exercises should focus on developing your stamina (you’ll gonna need it during labor and birth), strength for your birth muscles, flexibility for your joints, and maintaining desired weight.


Brisk Walking

Just a brief, quick walk to the park nearby or a visit to your neighbor’s house around the block is enough to break a sweat and increase your heart rate. Pace yourself in such a way that you don’t slip or lose balance but fast enough to boost your cardiovascular health. Try going uphill for a more challenging task.




This exercise does you two things at once. Water creates a lot of resistance when you swim, similar to lifting weights, toning and strengthening your muscles. At the same time, you’re also increasing your stamina and cardiovascular endurance by doing repeated strokes and kicks.

Personally, I like the breast stroke because it keeps my tummy in place and develops strength to my leg and glute muscles. It also helps loosen my hip and pelvic joints. If you’re having trouble finding your rhythm, you can use a kickboard to keep your head above the surface.


Stationary Bike

Cycling on a real bike can be a bit too risky for you and your baby, so I suggest riding a stationary bike instead. It’s also better than jogging or running because it doesn’t put too much pressure on your knees and joints. It’s great for cardio and for shedding off excess weight.



The main emphasis of yoga exercises is relaxation and proper breathing. It incorporates poses to achieve a relaxed state of mind as well as develop balance and flexibility of your muscles and joints. Keep in mind, though, that some poses may not be good for you and may get you off balanced. Focus on proper breathing and calming yourself down. You’ll gonna need this skill when you’re just about to give birth to your baby.


Dance workout

It’s more fun doing some workout with friends and people around you than just sweating it out on your own. You can sign up for a dance workout designed specifically for pregnant moms like you in a local gym around the city. Or you can sign up for a regular workout session for beginners. Just see to it that it’s low-impact, and doesn’t involve any jumping motion.


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