Superfoods your kids can’t go without



Growing kids need more than just any kind of food. By the time your baby is completely weaned off, his body requires twice the amount of nutrients or more than what he used to get from milk. That means getting the right food to provide him with optimum nutrition for healthy brain and body development.

However, this may not necessarily be a walk in the park when you consider your child’s own taste. Kids one year old and above are especially picky because their taste buds are more discerning. Some foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are packed with essential nutrients but don’t sit well with your kids.

Superfoods are really great because they’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber yet so affordable and easy to come by. Your kids would also love the taste ranging from sweet, tangy, creamy, succulent, and meaty. Here’s a shopping list with 5 of the most highly recommended superfoods your kids can’t go without:



beef1. Beef.

If you want a tasty way to provide your kids with B vitamins, minerals, and protein, give them a healthy serving of one of your beef recipes. Beef is a rich source of iron, zinc, niacin, and choline necessary for brain development. But what about cholesterol? Nope. That’s not gonna hurt your kid. They actually need it for growth. Make sure they’re well done but tender enough for their small tummies.

egg2. Eggs.

Giving your child enough protein is easier than you think. Eggs are known for their high protein content, plus choline for healthy brain function. It’s a healthy alternative to beef, or you can alternate between eggs and beef to avoid monotony. Your child may also like a particular style of cooking so stick to what he likes the most.


berries3. Berries.

Kids love sweets. So instead of candies, why not serve them with a load of berries. Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are bursting with vitamin C and anti-oxidants for healthy immune function, and dietary fiber to aid digestion. Mix them up with cereals and milk or add them to yogurt to give it a sweet, tangy taste.


cheese4. Cheese.

No other food can match this one for its calcium content. And guess what? Kids go crazy at it, so you won’t have any trouble serving a hearty, cheesy meal to your kid. Calcium helps prevent dental cavities in your child and helps promotes stronger bones. Another good thing with cheese is that you can incorporate it in some of your dishes or serve them with your snacks for your sandwiches and salads.

yogurt5. Yogurt.

Kids also love this stuff. Serve chilled yogurt becomes a healthy and yummy alternative to ice cream. Your kids can’t get enough with all the different flavors they could choose from. But if you can, get something that is all-natural with fresh fruits and berries as natural flavor enhancers. Like milk and cheese, it’s also good source of calcium plus zinc, vitamin B, and phosphorus. Some yogurt incorporates probiotics to aid proper digestion and to keep a healthy digestive tract for your child. You might want to try it as well.



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